Viewer beware!  #2

All small movies here.  Not exactly entertainment, they intend to tickle the brain and open the heart. Biases abound. In me, friends say, the glitter of reality is hidden behind the façade of a dreamer.  My dreams are unruly.

I dream a world in which domination is subdued by gentleness, where power is replaced by vision. I dream the end of dogma and ideology. I  dream a time when cooperation subverts competition, when the joys of community replace coercion by the state.  A time when cultivating the soul is more important than accumulating belongings, a time when science and art and religion and politics celebrate the uniqueness of every single human being, regardless of gender, race or age. I dream a time when sky and river and rock talk to us; we listen.

I dream technology with heart, simplicity our way of life.  I dream love showered on all the children with food and health and shelter and learning because there is enough. Because we can do it!

It is the work of the 21st century to do it.

On April Fool’s Day 1960 the weather satellite Tiros 1 broadcast the first, grainy, black and white video images of Earth from space.  There we were, all of us, in the same picture. The ‘Other’ finally vanquished.  Just us.

We are all in this together, and by now, together, with our vast accumulated knowledge  we know enough to help one another make it work for ALL.  These movies are, for you fellow traveler, I hope, shiny pebbles on a wide road from here to there.

Peace tom chamberlin