Agamemnon's Children, a movie review


Completed on the cusp of the new Millennium, in 1996, Agamemnon's Children is pre digital, sometimes unpolished but not shaky or poorly conceived.
Made before the Tech Meltdown, 9/11, the Mid East Wars, the Bank Bailouts, before Climate Change was taken seriously, the movie is truer today than when it was completed.

The rapacious zeal with which a tiny group of privileged 'boys' is plundering the planet and its people has become wildly evident.
We are being suffocated from their smoke and 'dumbed down' with their fun house mirrors. They provoke us, the vast majority of humankind,
with all manner of sham and lies, to bicker amongst ourselves.

We are ONE they are few. We must stand in Solidarity!

Agamemnon's Children is a movie about misogyny and
the failure of 3500 years and tears of male dominated western culture. The filmmaker, having embarked on a documentary project juxtaposing
the 'Hanford clean-up-effort' with images of 'American Indian values', is called home to help care for his mother who is about to undergo an operation for stomach cancer.

The movie veers in a new direction.

Considering his life long relationship to his mother, his response to the rape of his daughter and the dissent into violence with her mother,
he realizes he is one of Agamemnon's sons. Agamemnon, murdered his daughter, a sacrifice to the gods, for fair winds to sail to war.
He, the filmmaker discovers that by way of his father, he has become a privileged white boy in the vainglorious tradition of Agamemnon.

Finally the movie implores us to find a way, a personal way, to retreat from the madness, to retreat from what does not work and engage together in building a world in which empathy,
compassion and love are the building blocks of a fair and just society for ALL, across the planet.

Review by Roscoe Koppel, former YouTube candidate for president in 2008.